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          KRAFTWELLE(Hangzhou) Industrial Co., Ltd., formerly known as Hangzhou Tools Co., Ltd. specializing in the production of ratchet wrench, mechanical parts and all kinds of combination tool production, development, products include a ratchet wrench, combination tools, household socket wrench group, automotive tools, garden tools, computer tools...

          Contact us

          Address: Yi Qiao Town, Xiaoshan District, Zhejiang, Hangzhou

          National toll free service hotline: 400-681-6008

          Merchants hotline: +86-0571-82307210

          Contact number: +86-0571-82301338, Mr. Niu

          E-mail: neal@ok-tools.cn  Celina Liang sale-a01@ok-tools.cn; sale15@ok-tools.cn

          Fax: 0571-82304850